New Homes at Towles Mill by CORELOT

We are excited to announce four new lots offered by CORELOT Homes are now available for purchase in the Towles Mill area. Building a home with CORELOT is not only the right move for your family, it also creates a safe zone against the uncertainty of today.

How is this possible? First, the lots are 10-20 acres each, ample room to distance your family from uncertainties. Today, as we write this, there is perhaps no better, safer place to shelter at home.

Second, CORELOT has a proven reputation for building quality homes on exquisite lots at an affordable price, and Towles Mill is a wonderful example. Simply put, a new 1,344 +/- sq. ft. home (you can help customize) on a secluded 10-20 acre lot in the Towles Mill area in Spotsylvania County that starts in the low to mid $300s is a solid investment in these uncertain times.

The four home sites being offered.

According to Rusty Cowper of Embrace Home Loans, now is an ideal time to purchase a home due to the low interest rates, below 3.5%, with some zero-down options also available. This favorable buyer’s mortgage market is expected to persist through the end of the year. In addition, none of us need to be reminded that a home is a reliable investment compared to the stock market. In our region of America, in fact, today may be the best time to buy a home in the last 24 months. As you know, a home is a solid investment that has consistently grown for over 50 years.

We have stayed away from the more volatile luxury home price range. CORELOT homes are more practically sized and priced than the more volatile luxury home segment, and will become more valuable as a result of the unstable economy. Simply put, it is wonderful hedge in uncertain times.  

The Natalie, our most popular model, is slated for each lot.

The time to act is now. There’s more details about the homes and the lots being offered in Towles Mill here. Or complete the form, here, or call and ask to speak to a team member: 540-785-7500

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