• 0 Courthouse Rd, Stafford, VA 22554, USA
  • Tax Map ID: 39-81B
  • Size: 3.23 Acres
  • Utilities: Public Water / 4BR Conv DF
  • CORELOT models suitable for lot: Amelia II, Meredith, Natalie II


Download CH1 PDF

Ever dream of owning your own private, wooded lot? This is it! CH1 is a  3.23 acre lot located in Stafford County and just a few minutes away from Brooke Point High School and US Route 1. Less than 10 minutes away from any other convenience (grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants), these acres are sure to become the place you call home.

If you decide that you’re not ready to build yet or are worried about building costs rising, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the CORELOT Capital financing. CORELOT is pleased to offer you a family of builders ready to meet your needs with a selection of homes designed for maximum enjoyment and minimum maintenance.

Your selection of a builder should be as intentional as your selection of a lot. We are experts in the Homebuilding process and take pride in our relationships with our clients. We want to help every step of the way.

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